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Text Box:  THE 2010 SPRING OWLETS...

Owlet 1...
March 22, 2010
on Owliver's Birthday! 

Owlet 2...
March 24, 2010

Owlet 3...
March 26, 2010
Owlet 4...
March 28, 2010

Owlet 5...
March 30, 2010

Goooood girl, Owlivia!

















  FYI: How they got their names...One afternoon in the Chat Room, Owliver said to more than several people all at the same time, "Look at that cute little Punk!"  Everyone laughed, and they all agreed, since it seemed to be so fitting at the moment.  The names stuck!  So since that day, they have been known as "The Punks." Punk 1 (the oldest), Punk 2, Punk 3, Punk 4 and Punk 5, nicknamed, of course P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5.  

   April 10th, 2010
   Everyone sleeps generally throughout the day,
   eating what may be left in 'the Pantry'

   Typical feeding time begins about 8 p.m. each night,
   and continues throughout the night.
See that mouse under Owlivia? Three of the youngsters
   can swallow at least 1/2 a mouse these days...!

   April 15th, 2010
   The smallest one, Punk5 just swallowed a
   whole small mouse tonight! Additionally,
   Owlivia feeds each one individually,
   just to make sure they each get what they need.


UPDATE: April 22...
we lost our two littlest owlets today.
     Punk5 (known to some as 'Pancake' or 'Scrappy')
     in the afternoon, and Punkie4 died at 8pm.
     He simply fell down, and died just moments later.

The live feed was turned off, and these four screenshots
     replaced the streaming video temporarily
     during this sensitive time.

UPDATE: April 23...
Owlivia, Owliver and the three
remaining owlets
are doing well.

The camera is still off the air.
In the morning perhaps,
would be better...




UPDATE: April 24...

Cameras were back on
at 1:15 pm Saturday,
April 24, 2010,
California time.




  We have since discovered in all practicality, and with the 'experts' weighing in, that the two sweet creatures that died ingested enough of a dose of poison from a small mouse, which never was shared with the others, or Owlivia, thank goodness.

The reason they believe it occurred?  Starving owlets would have whined sadly for days and days before the end, they stated. We would have seen it coming. These two had been lively and frisky just moments before their 'final' moment. They just rolled over and 'dropped dead' without any warning.

ALL please use mousetraps INSTEAD of poison!

UPDATE: MAY 4th...Our three little owlets are doing WONDERFULLY!
They will be ready to 'fledge' in a week or so, maybe 10 days...
We are presently 'engineering' flight 'landing pads' and 'flight posts' for them to 'play' with while they are learning how to fly and catch their own food.  From what I have learned, Owlivia and Owliver will both be teaching them for awhile, until they can all do it - all on their own.


UPDATE:  MAY 6th...We have just installed two new 'flight decks' for the three owlets who will be fledging soon. They will need to learn how to flap their wings and jump, and stay safe.

to Check out
and NEW flight platforms!

And by ALL means, check out what Stacey O'Brien had to say about our Fledging concepts...


We have an outside night camera starting at about 8PM each night, and all throughout the night at times. Come and visit and watch their attempts and antics, and chat online with the 'Owlovers' who have witnessed their life each day since their first hatching. 

OTE: The First night anyone left the nest for a flyabout was "CHAOS on the PERCH" documented on videotape May 25, 2010.

Check it out...Fast forward to 35 minutes on  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/7213351  
Two  piled on top of each other and fell into the bushes, with full and live sound effects. They then crawled up the indoor/outdoor 20' carpeted ramp created specifically for this purpose, and then continued to try to fly.

All three of the Punks fledged happily, and flew away. 
They do however, still visit now and then.

ALSO documented again on May 31st!

Watch after 00:38:25
for about 15 minutes or so
...and again in about an hour into the same video

The fledging ramp saved them over and over again! (There are coyotes and more in that wild canyon out there...)

         Now, THAT'S a pretty long
climb up from a long fall...about 20 feet?




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